Free Vs Paid Millionaire Dating Site—Which One is Better?

Are you single and looking to give online dating a try?

With hundreds of millionaire dating sites on the Internet, picking the right one can be challenging. With that said, millionaire dating sites are basically of two types—paid and free.

So, which one is better for you?

Here’s a one-to-one comparison between the two on four most important parameters. Read on to know how they fair against each other and make an informed decision.

Free Vs Paid Millionaire Dating Sites


Free Dating Sites – Because there is no joining fee, many people who are not really serious about dating join free dating sites. Usually these non-serious people are there because they have some free time or are looking for someone to chat with, without any real intention of meeting anyone in person.

These sites are also a haven for scammers, people who hide important facts about themselves or even create a completely fictional identity to win a date. Worse, many scammers on these sites are only looking to make a quick buck or two at the expense of unsuspecting users by asking for financial help.

Paid Dating Sites – Because these sites are paid, people who are not really serious about dating stay away from them, so do scammers. These sites ask a user for his credit card details, which can later be used to get hold of the person in case another user complaints to the authorities about him.

Sharing personal details acts as a deterrent to scammers and paying a subscription fee acts as a deterrent to people who are not serious about dating.

Better Search Results

Free Dating Sites – Free sites may not provide as many search options as paid sites. For example, these sites often allow users to search only via location. The other drawback is that search results can contain many unused profiles, contacting which is a waste of time and effort.

Paid Dating Sites – On these sites users can search not only via location but also via age, compatibility, interests, religion, etc. Because these sites are paid for, mostly active users are present on it.

Number of subscriptions

Free Dating Sites – These sites often have impressive total count of users, but you must remember that many users on them are either not serious about dating or have an ulterior motive behind joining. Plus, a high percentage of profiles on these sites at any given point in time are unused.

Paid Dating Sites – The top paid millionaire dating sites have over a million users, which is a lot more than the total count of many free dating sites. What’s more, majority of the users here have common goals—to brighten up their love life, to meet that special person, and to spend time with someone great.


Free Sites – Because these sites don’t earn anything through subscription, they might be more inclined to sell their users’ information to advertisers.

Paid Sites – These sites usually have a more stringent and user-oriented privacy policy, giving one a peace of mind that his or her information will not be shared with a third party.

Anyway you look at, if you are serious about dating, you should always choose paid millionaire dating sites.

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Are millionaire dating sites really useful

When you log onto a millionaire dating site and create a profile, you are ideally looking for a rich partner or acquaintance. Most people are hoping to find someone special who can pamper them and take care of them for life and with whom there would be no money problems. In this sense, are millionaire-dating sites useful and do they really help you find your dream man? Or are you just interacting with people who have no interest in a long-term relationship and may not even be millionaires? The world of online dating is a dynamic one but you must also be careful as you may encounter many suspicious people who are just looking to cheat you of your money. Thus you must choose sites that are really professional and committed to finding you that perfect millionaire you can date. Here are a few pointers to help you get started with millionaire dating sites:

Always question the members

Make sure that your supposed prince charming is really who he claims to be. Ask him about his job, his income, his childhood, his parents etc and try to contact some of his friends if possible. Also keep a check on his profile to note any changes or of he tries to remove his profile.

Specify your interests

The site can help you find the millionaire dream date faster if you specify your interests in your profile. If they know what you are looking for, they will only show you profiles of compatible members. Also when you write a description of yourself in the profile, it gives others a chance to get to know you better and figure out what kind of person you are.

Chat to them first

You may be dying to meet your dream person but make sure that he is completely trustworthy before doing so. That is why it is always better to first talk to the guy and find out about his life. If you feel that he is being genuine and has no hidden intentions, you can go ahead and meet him. Many dating sites will allow you to message the person first and then exchange emails to have a private conversation.

Be open to variety

The main advantage of dating sites is that you get to meet a whole variety of people from different backgrounds, religions, regions, and cultures. You should always try to opt for sites that have such a wide user base as you not only get one step closer to finding your soul mate but you also get to learn a lot. Your new millionaire acquaintance or partner could educate you about his culture and region and make you open to trying new things. Even if it doesn’t materialize into anything serious, you will have gained more social skills and understandings of different cultures.

Thus, millionaire dating sites can help you find that dream person in your life but you must also be willing to do a bit of homework. Question people you find interesting, have deep conversations with them, tell them your intentions beforehand, and figure out theirs. You should also be open to meeting all different kinds of people to get a wider choice range as well as understanding of cultures. And if you are rich and lesbian, you may also use dating sites for lesbian!


How to choose a perfect millionaire dating site?

Thanks to many online dating sites, millionaire dating has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. There are thousands of online dating portals, each claiming to help users meet the perfect millionaire single in no time at all. In reality, however, not more than a few live up to their initial promise.

So how does one find a millionaire dating site that is just as good as it claims to be?

Well, here are 4 tips to help you locate a friendly dating site that makes millionaire dating fun, easy, and successful.

1.Opt for a paid site

There are many free online dating sites, but if you are serious about millionaire dating, you would rather want to stay away from them.

Because free dating sites don’t cost anything, people who are not really serious about dating join them in huge numbers. They join more out of curiosity than any real aim to meet new people and develop new relationships.

However, the joining fees of paid dating sites act as a deterrent to non-serious users. That’s why you have a better chance of meeting that special person via a paid dating site.

The other downside is that free dating sites offer limited options, mainly because they are not earning money through subscriptions. For instance, on these sites you might be able to search for people only via location, not via interest, compatibility, age, and much more.

Paid millionaire dating sites, however, don’t impose any such restrictions, providing you better search results.

2. Opt for a site free of scammers

Scammers can take the fun out of millionaire dating. Do your best to stay away from them.

As a thumb rule, free dating sites have a lot more scammers than paid sites, simply because these sites are open for everyone. On the other hand, as on paid dating sites users have to give their credit card details at the time of joining, scammers are less likely to join them.

The other thing to remember is that some paid dating sites are better than others. Check the credentials of a paid dating site, as well as the feedback of its customers, before signing up.

3. Opt for a site with strong privacy policy

No one likes to carefully read the fine print—but it has to be done. Before you sign up on a dating site, it is important that you read the privacy policy.

Pay special attention to the section about third parties. Ensure that the site doesn’t share information about you with research firms, partner companies, advertisers, etc. Also check if they use behavioral tracking technology to keep track of the activity of users on their website and then target their users with ads. Needless to say, if the site does that, stay away from it.

4.Opt for a site with a celebrity as its image speaker

No celebrity worth his or her name will associate with a less-than-perfect millionaire dating site. If a site has a well-known face as its image speaker, the site has got to be good.

Millionairematch reaches the above points, so you may have a try.


Why is it so Difficult for a Millionaire to Find Love?

Five hundred thousand new millionaires have been created in the United States since 2014, according to a recent CNBC survey. ( This is largely due to rising real estate values and an energetic stock market. The new figure of 10.1 million households with one million dollars in investable assets tops the pre-recession peak of 2007, which closed with 9.2 millionaires. With so many new millionaires, it seems the dating market would be wide open, yet the only success stories seem to exist only on reality television.

Destroying the Myths About Millionaires

One of the most popular misconceptions about millionaires is that they were born into wealth, or that wealth fell into their hands through a trust fund or inheritance. Building an enterprise worth a million dollars rarely happens because the seed money was dumped into the fortunate person’s lap. Over half of all millionaires never received money from a trust fund or estate and fewer than ten percent inherited their wealth.

What we fantasize about millionaire life and the reality, are two separate things. Another popular misconception is that millionaires rarely marry, or if they do, are not truly committed. Most millionaires are married and stay married. Their success was due to frugal house-keeping and sound investment. They see divorce as the gateway to poverty and choose their partners with care, usually well before they’ve reached the millionaire status.

Today’s Typical Millionaire

There are, of course, still plenty of single millionaires who are looking for the right partner for the life time commitment on millionaire dating sites or offline. What makes them so elusive?

An attractive face always opens doors, but millionaires seem particularly immune to highly attractive people. They seem to be searching for something more; and they are! Today’s typical millionaire is college educated, and usually adept in marketing and finance. These millionaires are often entrepreneurs who took their business and diplomacy skills to an international level, learning new cultures, customs and languages. They look for partners who are personable, compatible with their interests and adept at adapting to changing life styles.
Eighty percent of millionaires are self-made, even among those who did receive a little startup money. Most startup funds were minimal; rarely exceeding thirty thousand dollars. Typically, millionaires acquired their nest eggs by working 45-65 hours a week and always spending a little less than they earned. Their training taught them to become very acute at reading body language and determining the messages behind the words. They look for sincerity in a partner and an ability to work within a budget.

Your Own Bootstrap

If millionaires in the singles arena are taking a hard, critical look at their potential partners, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a successful business person before you can attract a millionaire on millionaire dating sites or offline. Education helps enormously, but so does a strong, practical mind. Millionaires are attracted to people who are innovative, imaginative and can put their skills to general use. They enjoy the input of enterprising individuals and thrive on a creative atmosphere. A millionaire is as likely to choose for a partner a pleasant high school graduate with a zest for life as a colleague with similar training and experiences.

Becoming the type of person a millionaire would seek out won’t necessarily land you a millionaire, but while you’re rubbing shoulders, you have the opportunity to develop your own skills in building a successful enterprise, and may one day become a millionaire through your own efforts.


Chivalrous reminders for every millionaire

Every millionaire should be chivalrous and gentlemanly. Although, as a millionaire you have lots of money, still you need to have some basic qualities that can impress your date.

Just having plenty of wealth is not enough to attract your dream partner. You must also have other attributes too, so that you are admired by your woman and your potential dates.

Let us look at some of the ways through which millionaires can start a bond with their date. The following millionaire dating tips must be followed by every millionaire.

1. Always pay
When going out or dining out with your date, you should always take the initiative to pay. Do not let her pay the bill. And, you should also never split the payment into two. When in a restaurant, do not linger when the bill arrives. Simply pay for the check and continue to concentrate on what matters the most, that is, your date.

2. Small gestures, big outcomes

Holding out the chair for her, opening doors for her, and not talking with your mouth full are some of the standard manners that everyone knows about. However, there are also some lesser known etiquettes that should not go unnoticed. For example, you should stand up every time she arrives and leaves from the table, lead her throughout the restaurant by either putting your hand on her back or gently holding her hand, maintain eye contact during exchanges, etc. Although, all these actions are very subtle, they convey your confidence, which is a big stimulating factor for the ladies.

3. Ignore the ‘Three Day’ rule

Most of the people think that there is a dating rule of three days. According to it, you should not contact your date for a minimum of three days. However, this is a false belief. If you enjoyed their company and had a good time with her, then let her know. Call her the following day or leave her a message later that night, telling her how much you loved her company and enjoyed being with her. This direct and innocent remark will leave a lasting impression on her until your next date. However, if you wait for three days to make a move and make her wait, then she will not only make you wait, but will also consider it as an indication of disinterest from your side.

4. Never jump to conclusions

One of the important things that a millionaire should keep in mind is that he should never jump to conclusions. This means that unless your date gives you the telltale hints, you should never make a move or assume that a kiss might be an appropriate move to end your date or night. Among the many telltale signs that women give out, some most common are lingering at her door, leaning closer to you, overt affection, gazing at you, etc. Millionaires must remember that every girl is different, some may enjoy a goodnight kiss and some may like to take it slowly forward. Thus, if you make a move too fast, you can waste a great date.
These gentlemanly cues would surely woo your lady and bring out your personality as a chivalrous man. You can get more millionaire dating tips on millionaire dating sites.


Millionaire online dating


Are you one of the ladies who want to date a millionaire? If yes, then how do you plan to go about it? In other words, how do you want to start up with your dating method? Are you eyeing your friend’s millionaire friend or one of your mutual friends? Or, are you planning to search for a millionaire guy on the internet.
The online method is your best bet in this case, if you have no millionaire dating options in the real world. In the virtual world, you can find a lot of millionaire guys, especially on millionaire dating websites that particularly focus on dating the rich and wealthy.

It is no unusual that you want your life partner to be rich, so that he can fulfill all your dreams and can also love you truly. So, when looking for a millionaire guy online or in real life, what kind of guys you can expect to start up a conversation with?

In order to make things easy for you, we have listed the millionaires in different categories as per their relationship status. This will help you to find the perfect millionaire for yourself.

1. Millionaire divorcee

Although, they have already been married before, they are still open to mingle into a new relationship. They want to come into a more significant relationship with a beautiful and gorgeous partner. These Millionaire divorcees may not or may be comfortable to merge their new found single life with their old family relationships immediately or they may have children, but these men surely know from their experience as to what will work and what would not.

2. Millionaire bachelor

One of the categories of millionaires includes millionaire bachelors. These are the most sought after nowadays than ever before, as they have enough money in the safe or bank, in order to withstand any threatening stock market crash. Most of the ladies pursue millionaire bachelors with vigor and these affluent bachelors very well know about their clout.

3. Millionaire entrepreneur

Millionaire entrepreneurs are most likely to be found juggling their time between several projects. And, you can be sure that his travel itinerary keeps him in-flight for most of his time. He has never actually taken out time for love, but now he very well knows that he can have the world’s most attractive women. He has realized and is aware of his accomplishments and financial prowess, which is, in turn, very sexy.

4. Millionaire single

Millionaire singles may not necessarily live it large or not yet atleast. But, they definitely have a good job, with ample promise. And, like their many single peers, they too are finally ready to settle down with that one special woman and may be want to start a family also. However, you must remember that millionaire singles are often busy with multitasking, so if you do not get their response at first, then try again and again until you succeed.

5. Millionaire lovers

Millionaire lovers love romance and spend a big part of their lives in perfecting the art of love with style and money. They have enough wealth to woo any women that can come to your mind. These men look for that special woman who appreciates their lifestyle and knows that they can afford them. They not only have got a big heart, but also a serious punch.

Hence, these are the kind of millionaires you can find on millionaire dating sites as well as in real life.


How to Succeed With a Millionaire Dating Site

Dating accommodates us an opportunity to suit new people into our ordinary life and find out about them. Dating is becoming quickly beneficial when somebody would like to upgrade their self-assurance.

Dating likewise can help a few people to enhance their certainty. This is the motivation behind why millionaire dating sites are turning out to be to a great degree prevalent. When you utilize such web dating administrations, you’re given the chance to portray their affection intrigues.

Everybody contrasts of their tastes and likes that is positively why a few people incline toward reasonable skin people among others dull. More often than not, people may even swing to wed those with a sure pay. This is known as millionaire dating.

Is it true that you are searching for an association with millionaire singles? Possibly you have craved falling amped up for some individual who could clear you off you?
Is it accurate to say that you are tired of deadlock relationships, or meeting accomplices who don’t have the money related security you look for? When you addressed yes to from any of the above inquiries, there’s a chance you’re searching for a tremendous achievement dating site. Folks have committed errors some time recently.

Does a past hurt you would say preventing you from encountering sentiment go? Did somebody hurt you a lot of that you have added to an injury against men and relationships? Would you point the finger at yourself concerning this? Shiny new evaluated or more it? Advance yet don’t move away, carry on with your adoration life once more in web dating Millionaire dating has started to transform into genuinely mainstream among a few group. There are numerous millionaire dating site that are being made every day. This satisfies those looking for monetary security in a relationship.

Actually, dating may be testing processes it’s no big surprise that a few people attempt to discover these sorts of elements in an accomplice. Millionaire dating site are only made for single ladies and men who most likely are affluent and who certainly are looking for adoration.
There are two fundamental sorts of dating a millionaire out there: appealing people, and rich people. Appealing daters are really youthful, savvy, and upwardly portable people who are tired and tired of dating failures. Well off daters are regularly exceptionally occupied with dealing with their riches, and get made a fruitful living having an eye for quality, it’s no big surprise that they’re deciding to utilize affluent paid dating locales in developing numbers.

Throughout us who’ve connected excruciating relationship separations, one of the things that any of us are fit for doing will be to go over these oversights. Why don’t we continue and check toward an enhanced relationship, an all the more remunerating sentiment with these accomplices this time.

A few people can lie around their money related welfare when they are dating which can be a vital blow later when their accomplice relates to acknowledge it. This is the reason numerous people propose that i recommend you help the solace and clear by what somebody gains when conversing with keep any upsetting amazements.

A radiant dating site is required to verify that it keeps every one of its customers intrigues classified furthermore this incorporates information on somebody’s funds. Moreover, a dating site ought to help its individuals to get an affection intrigue that fits their coveted desires.

Thinking seriously about that you meet your millionaire match, you’ll need to consider the best type of methodology for you – if an electronic rich dating site, or an in-individual well off matchmaking site. Your identity sort may play a colossal part in deciding the best thought stage to search out marriage-looking for millionaires or those that need to have one. But make sure to check millionaire dating sites reviews before joining any website.


Tips on how to date a millionaire

Wondering how to date a millionaire then read through this article and know!

A Successful man can be found everywhere. In fact, with the stunning prominence of open person to person communication, for example, on the internet online relationship solutions, Wealthy single men and a few ladies now have entire on the internet online relationship arrangements administrations devoted to them, Whereas at one time, This is same on the internet relationship locales were totally unrelated to men and a few ladies searching for heterosexual relationships.

In circumstances of the colossal number of on the internet relationship locales situated in the internet, Wealthy individual men relationship is a really new idea. It was not until around 2007 when one of the top on the internet relationship destinations for the rich individual men, Started to begin their portals to individual men and a few ladies continuously green-lighting an entire piece of the populace who could now at last partake in something that was all the annoyance.

Furthermore, as with heterosexual rich on the internet relationship sites, Rich men relationship works the extent anything from stand out men sugar father and sugar youngster courses of action to a relationship for those more committed to discovering a long haul on the internet.

In case you’re excited about meeting and dating a millionaire, one of the best areas to start is with a particular matchmaker.

Best millionaire dating sites can make all the distinction in discovering what you’re looking for. With the solace gave you by the overall web, you can peruse through numerous a data on basically on the internet relationship destinations before you ever need to make any decisions about who you need to reach or meet.

To meet rich men, you have to put in both the dedication to discover one. While restrictive gatherings areas giving rich customers are dependably a choice in discovering a rich lady or man, Walking up to somebody and asking for a record of their sources won’t get you extremely far. Having the alternative of picking a matchmaker who can best couple you with the rich of your picking is the splendid approach to go.

Discovering intimate romance is the thing that we all inclination for. In a tremendous world brimming with outsiders, it is the most troublesome undertaking to do. Because of the cutting edge century, we can locate our genuine romance online and that too free! Astonishing right!

Hunting down an accomplice in clubs or bar is an old pattern now. These days, there can be discovered zillions of web dating sites which best fill the need. There would be a hefty portion of you scanning for a perfect partner, if so then web dating website is the destination for you. You can discover numerous single men and ladies on dating sites. In the event that you generally have a yearning of a rich accomplice in life, then millionaire dating website is for you.

You can discover destinations which are brimming with millionaire single men and ladies who are looking for a cherishing accomplice. Internet dating is the best alternative to come into contact with new people, know their preferences and abhorrence’s and discovering a genuine accomplice. You can get to know each other and see one another before going to a choice or focusing on one another.

Never feel that you will be bound with a perpetual parade of washouts inside of your relationships. This is a glass-half-exhaust glass-half-full thing. Indeed, think about your past fizzled relationships as going stones to at long last going to your ideal match. All fizzled relationships proceeding now, however pernicious, bring a lesson, which you can find out about then stay away from once you have effectively discovered a likely partner. Considering that the presentation of internet dating destinations, heaps of people have acknowledged intimate romance that is absolutely why web dating locales has turned out to be exceptionally celebrated.

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