Free Vs Paid Millionaire Dating Site—Which One is Better?

Are you single and looking to give online dating a try?

With hundreds of millionaire dating sites on the Internet, picking the right one can be challenging. With that said, millionaire dating sites are basically of two types—paid and free.

So, which one is better for you?

Here’s a one-to-one comparison between the two on four most important parameters. Read on to know how they fair against each other and make an informed decision.

Free Vs Paid Millionaire Dating Sites


Free Dating Sites – Because there is no joining fee, many people who are not really serious about dating join free dating sites. Usually these non-serious people are there because they have some free time or are looking for someone to chat with, without any real intention of meeting anyone in person.

These sites are also a haven for scammers, people who hide important facts about themselves or even create a completely fictional identity to win a date. Worse, many scammers on these sites are only looking to make a quick buck or two at the expense of unsuspecting users by asking for financial help.

Paid Dating Sites – Because these sites are paid, people who are not really serious about dating stay away from them, so do scammers. These sites ask a user for his credit card details, which can later be used to get hold of the person in case another user complaints to the authorities about him.

Sharing personal details acts as a deterrent to scammers and paying a subscription fee acts as a deterrent to people who are not serious about dating.

Better Search Results

Free Dating Sites – Free sites may not provide as many search options as paid sites. For example, these sites often allow users to search only via location. The other drawback is that search results can contain many unused profiles, contacting which is a waste of time and effort.

Paid Dating Sites – On these sites users can search not only via location but also via age, compatibility, interests, religion, etc. Because these sites are paid for, mostly active users are present on it.

Number of subscriptions

Free Dating Sites – These sites often have impressive total count of users, but you must remember that many users on them are either not serious about dating or have an ulterior motive behind joining. Plus, a high percentage of profiles on these sites at any given point in time are unused.

Paid Dating Sites – The top paid millionaire dating sites have over a million users, which is a lot more than the total count of many free dating sites. What’s more, majority of the users here have common goals—to brighten up their love life, to meet that special person, and to spend time with someone great.


Free Sites – Because these sites don’t earn anything through subscription, they might be more inclined to sell their users’ information to advertisers.

Paid Sites – These sites usually have a more stringent and user-oriented privacy policy, giving one a peace of mind that his or her information will not be shared with a third party.

Anyway you look at, if you are serious about dating, you should always choose paid millionaire dating sites.

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