Chivalrous reminders for every millionaire

Every millionaire should be chivalrous and gentlemanly. Although, as a millionaire you have lots of money, still you need to have some basic qualities that can impress your date.

Just having plenty of wealth is not enough to attract your dream partner. You must also have other attributes too, so that you are admired by your woman and your potential dates.

Let us look at some of the ways through which millionaires can start a bond with their date. The following millionaire dating tips must be followed by every millionaire.

1. Always pay
When going out or dining out with your date, you should always take the initiative to pay. Do not let her pay the bill. And, you should also never split the payment into two. When in a restaurant, do not linger when the bill arrives. Simply pay for the check and continue to concentrate on what matters the most, that is, your date.

2. Small gestures, big outcomes

Holding out the chair for her, opening doors for her, and not talking with your mouth full are some of the standard manners that everyone knows about. However, there are also some lesser known etiquettes that should not go unnoticed. For example, you should stand up every time she arrives and leaves from the table, lead her throughout the restaurant by either putting your hand on her back or gently holding her hand, maintain eye contact during exchanges, etc. Although, all these actions are very subtle, they convey your confidence, which is a big stimulating factor for the ladies.

3. Ignore the ‘Three Day’ rule

Most of the people think that there is a dating rule of three days. According to it, you should not contact your date for a minimum of three days. However, this is a false belief. If you enjoyed their company and had a good time with her, then let her know. Call her the following day or leave her a message later that night, telling her how much you loved her company and enjoyed being with her. This direct and innocent remark will leave a lasting impression on her until your next date. However, if you wait for three days to make a move and make her wait, then she will not only make you wait, but will also consider it as an indication of disinterest from your side.

4. Never jump to conclusions

One of the important things that a millionaire should keep in mind is that he should never jump to conclusions. This means that unless your date gives you the telltale hints, you should never make a move or assume that a kiss might be an appropriate move to end your date or night. Among the many telltale signs that women give out, some most common are lingering at her door, leaning closer to you, overt affection, gazing at you, etc. Millionaires must remember that every girl is different, some may enjoy a goodnight kiss and some may like to take it slowly forward. Thus, if you make a move too fast, you can waste a great date.
These gentlemanly cues would surely woo your lady and bring out your personality as a chivalrous man. You can get more millionaire dating tips on millionaire dating sites.

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