Things You Need to Know About Millionaire Dating


Have you always dreamed of dating a rich man?  It’s a common fantasy for many women, and though there are sometimes men who target rich women, usually it’s the attractive woman pursuing the wealthy man.  Whether you’re looking for a Don Draper type of classy, old world charmer, or even a billionaire bad boy type like Christian Grey, there are always millionaires out there looking for some fun.

What Kind of Girl Does a Millionaire Like?

The question is, would a millionaire like you?  Of course, the common fantasy is that a millionaire would meet an everyday girl and instantly fall in love with her because of her looks or sweetness.  This is a fantasy, however, because the truth of the matter is that most millionaire men do have a type.

They are usually confident and mysterious and so they tend to be attracted to women who are self-confident, not needy, clingy or overly nervous.  They like a woman of high class and culture someone who behaves as if the man has to impress her.  In addition, the woman must LOOK the part, not just act the part.  She must dress nicely, be in good physical condition, and be financially independent or perhaps married to her career.

It’s not unheard of for a rich man to actually prefer an interracial lover or wife, whether she’s black, Asian, Latina or islander, or another race.  One reason this happens is because international singles tend to be more cultured and conversational than Americans.  It’s not necessarily that they’re “smarter”, but that they are more communicative and talk about deeper things.

So if you are an American women looking for a rich man, it would serve you well to improve your conversation and learn more about world culture.  Some millionaire men might be willing to travel the world to find the right kind of woman—but if you are locally based and nearby one of these men, he would be eager to meet you!

A Millionaire’s Wife Has Value

Millionaires know about “value” as they make it their business to access things in terms of value.  Of course, a human being is priceless…but millionaires appreciate the value of a person, in what they contribute towards humanity.  They are typically attracted to women who want to do good for the world.  Sometimes rich men seek out social activists, charity workers, and women that seek to help the world.  This is the real “value” of a person, what they do for others.

If you’re not currently an “activist” then it’s never too late to start.  Get involved with local charity functions and benefits.  Think about what you would do if you had a lot of money and make this your passion.  Once you find a millionaire interested in you, rest assured, he will be fascinated with your goals in life—especially if they are altruistic in nature.

It’s easier now than ever before to find a millionaire match.  You can find them on millionaire dating sites.  You can even specify that you want a millionaire that prefers black women or Asian women.  Or if you’re a wealthy black man you can find white women or Asian or Latina women interested in your demographic.  It’s never been easier to make a meaningful connection!


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