Are millionaire dating sites really useful

When you log onto a millionaire dating site and create a profile, you are ideally looking for a rich partner or acquaintance. Most people are hoping to find someone special who can pamper them and take care of them for life and with whom there would be no money problems. In this sense, are millionaire-dating sites useful and do they really help you find your dream man? Or are you just interacting with people who have no interest in a long-term relationship and may not even be millionaires? The world of online dating is a dynamic one but you must also be careful as you may encounter many suspicious people who are just looking to cheat you of your money. Thus you must choose sites that are really professional and committed to finding you that perfect millionaire you can date. Here are a few pointers to help you get started with millionaire dating sites:

Always question the members

Make sure that your supposed prince charming is really who he claims to be. Ask him about his job, his income, his childhood, his parents etc and try to contact some of his friends if possible. Also keep a check on his profile to note any changes or of he tries to remove his profile.

Specify your interests

The site can help you find the millionaire dream date faster if you specify your interests in your profile. If they know what you are looking for, they will only show you profiles of compatible members. Also when you write a description of yourself in the profile, it gives others a chance to get to know you better and figure out what kind of person you are.

Chat to them first

You may be dying to meet your dream person but make sure that he is completely trustworthy before doing so. That is why it is always better to first talk to the guy and find out about his life. If you feel that he is being genuine and has no hidden intentions, you can go ahead and meet him. Many dating sites will allow you to message the person first and then exchange emails to have a private conversation.

Be open to variety

The main advantage of dating sites is that you get to meet a whole variety of people from different backgrounds, religions, regions, and cultures. You should always try to opt for sites that have such a wide user base as you not only get one step closer to finding your soul mate but you also get to learn a lot. Your new millionaire acquaintance or partner could educate you about his culture and region and make you open to trying new things. Even if it doesn’t materialize into anything serious, you will have gained more social skills and understandings of different cultures.

Thus, millionaire dating sites can help you find that dream person in your life but you must also be willing to do a bit of homework. Question people you find interesting, have deep conversations with them, tell them your intentions beforehand, and figure out theirs. You should also be open to meeting all different kinds of people to get a wider choice range as well as understanding of cultures. And if you are rich and lesbian, you may also use dating sites for lesbian!


How to choose a perfect millionaire dating site?

Thanks to many online dating sites, millionaire dating has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. There are thousands of online dating portals, each claiming to help users meet the perfect millionaire single in no time at all. In reality, however, not more than a few live up to their initial promise.

So how does one find a millionaire dating site that is just as good as it claims to be?

Well, here are 4 tips to help you locate a friendly dating site that makes millionaire dating fun, easy, and successful.

1.Opt for a paid site

There are many free online dating sites, but if you are serious about millionaire dating, you would rather want to stay away from them.

Because free dating sites don’t cost anything, people who are not really serious about dating join them in huge numbers. They join more out of curiosity than any real aim to meet new people and develop new relationships.

However, the joining fees of paid dating sites act as a deterrent to non-serious users. That’s why you have a better chance of meeting that special person via a paid dating site.

The other downside is that free dating sites offer limited options, mainly because they are not earning money through subscriptions. For instance, on these sites you might be able to search for people only via location, not via interest, compatibility, age, and much more.

Paid millionaire dating sites, however, don’t impose any such restrictions, providing you better search results.

2. Opt for a site free of scammers

Scammers can take the fun out of millionaire dating. Do your best to stay away from them.

As a thumb rule, free dating sites have a lot more scammers than paid sites, simply because these sites are open for everyone. On the other hand, as on paid dating sites users have to give their credit card details at the time of joining, scammers are less likely to join them.

The other thing to remember is that some paid dating sites are better than others. Check the credentials of a paid dating site, as well as the feedback of its customers, before signing up.

3. Opt for a site with strong privacy policy

No one likes to carefully read the fine print—but it has to be done. Before you sign up on a dating site, it is important that you read the privacy policy.

Pay special attention to the section about third parties. Ensure that the site doesn’t share information about you with research firms, partner companies, advertisers, etc. Also check if they use behavioral tracking technology to keep track of the activity of users on their website and then target their users with ads. Needless to say, if the site does that, stay away from it.

4.Opt for a site with a celebrity as its image speaker

No celebrity worth his or her name will associate with a less-than-perfect millionaire dating site. If a site has a well-known face as its image speaker, the site has got to be good.

Millionairematch reaches the above points, so you may have a try.


Why is it so Difficult for a Millionaire to Find Love?

Five hundred thousand new millionaires have been created in the United States since 2014, according to a recent CNBC survey. ( This is largely due to rising real estate values and an energetic stock market. The new figure of 10.1 million households with one million dollars in investable assets tops the pre-recession peak of 2007, which closed with 9.2 millionaires. With so many new millionaires, it seems the dating market would be wide open, yet the only success stories seem to exist only on reality television.

Destroying the Myths About Millionaires

One of the most popular misconceptions about millionaires is that they were born into wealth, or that wealth fell into their hands through a trust fund or inheritance. Building an enterprise worth a million dollars rarely happens because the seed money was dumped into the fortunate person’s lap. Over half of all millionaires never received money from a trust fund or estate and fewer than ten percent inherited their wealth.

What we fantasize about millionaire life and the reality, are two separate things. Another popular misconception is that millionaires rarely marry, or if they do, are not truly committed. Most millionaires are married and stay married. Their success was due to frugal house-keeping and sound investment. They see divorce as the gateway to poverty and choose their partners with care, usually well before they’ve reached the millionaire status.

Today’s Typical Millionaire

There are, of course, still plenty of single millionaires who are looking for the right partner for the life time commitment on millionaire dating sites or offline. What makes them so elusive?

An attractive face always opens doors, but millionaires seem particularly immune to highly attractive people. They seem to be searching for something more; and they are! Today’s typical millionaire is college educated, and usually adept in marketing and finance. These millionaires are often entrepreneurs who took their business and diplomacy skills to an international level, learning new cultures, customs and languages. They look for partners who are personable, compatible with their interests and adept at adapting to changing life styles.
Eighty percent of millionaires are self-made, even among those who did receive a little startup money. Most startup funds were minimal; rarely exceeding thirty thousand dollars. Typically, millionaires acquired their nest eggs by working 45-65 hours a week and always spending a little less than they earned. Their training taught them to become very acute at reading body language and determining the messages behind the words. They look for sincerity in a partner and an ability to work within a budget.

Your Own Bootstrap

If millionaires in the singles arena are taking a hard, critical look at their potential partners, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a successful business person before you can attract a millionaire on millionaire dating sites or offline. Education helps enormously, but so does a strong, practical mind. Millionaires are attracted to people who are innovative, imaginative and can put their skills to general use. They enjoy the input of enterprising individuals and thrive on a creative atmosphere. A millionaire is as likely to choose for a partner a pleasant high school graduate with a zest for life as a colleague with similar training and experiences.

Becoming the type of person a millionaire would seek out won’t necessarily land you a millionaire, but while you’re rubbing shoulders, you have the opportunity to develop your own skills in building a successful enterprise, and may one day become a millionaire through your own efforts.

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